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As our nation continues to spend and spend, there is a horrible reality behind this short piece.

During the 2004 Super Bowl, you sports fans probably noticed sponsors like beer companies, tobacco companies, and even the George Bush White House.

But the one to the right was not among them. That's because CBS would not air it.

It's been suggested it wasn't shown because of a massive favor it got from George Bush's Administration - a law which allows it to grow much bigger. It's also been suggested that since CBS overwhelmingly favored George Bush in its political giving, it does not want to air anything that questions President Bush or his policies.

Whichever  way you look at it, the appearance is that politics was played with the right to free speech.

CBS claimed that this ad and an ad from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were too controversial to air.

You can judge that for yourself.

-Charles Oropallo
CEO, CharlesWorks


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